The company Topack Engineering and Architectural Office (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) complies with the relevant privacy policy that information and communication services provider need to follow, including the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the law regarding the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information, established the relevant privacy policy, and is committed to protect user rights.

Collected personal data and collecting methods

A. Collected personal data

Firstly, the Company collects personal information such as ‘name, email address, contact information (mobile number)’ when users access our service in order to provide various services such as customer inquiry (email inquiry).

B. Collecting methods

The Company collects personal information through the consultation bulletin.

Purpose of collecting and using personal data

In order to provide detailed information on email inquiries the Company collects and uses personal data

Sharing and providing personal data

In principle, the Company only uses collected personal data of users within the outline from “2. Purpose of collecting and using personal data”. Without users’ agreement in advance, the Company does not provide personal data to the outside. However, the following cases will be exempted.

• When customers agreed in advance
• When regulated by law or requested by investigation agencies according to the purpose of investigation procedures and methods

Entrustment of personal data

The Company does not entrust personal data to a third party and if consignment contract occurs later, we will notify through the website and update the “Privacy Policy” contents.

Retention and utilization period of personal data

In principle, users’ personal data are disposed once its objective is attained. However, some data stated below will be retained due to internal policies such as disputes, personal verification for a specified time period.

• Retained items :Full name, phone number (mobile phone and/or home phone), email address
• Ground :Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information
• Retention period :3 years
※ Records regarding collection/handling and usage of credit information :3 years (Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information)

Disposal procedures and methods of personal data

Users’ personal data are disposed once its objective is attained. The Company will dispose personal data in the following procedures and methods.

A. Disposal procedure

After the objective of entered information by users are attained, the data will be removed to a separate database and will be preserved for a specific period of time according to applicable privacy protection reasons based on the internal policy and other related regulations before disposal.Personal data are retained only for legal purposes and will not be used for any other purposes.

B. Disposal method

Personal data printed as hard copies will be shredded by shredders or incinerated in a furnace. Personal data stored as electronic files will be deleted with technology that prevents record restoration.

Right of users and legal representative and its enforcement

A user and legal representative can request deletion of registered personal data at any time. To check and remove registered personal data, please pay a personal visit or contact personal data manager by telephone or email at any time to process deletion immediately. The Company will take care of deleted personal data requested by users or legal representative according to “5. Retention and utilization period of personal data” and will be restricted to be viewed or be used for any other purposes.

Installation, operation and refusal of automatic collection of personal data

The Company uses ‘cookies’ to store and calls user data frequently. A cookie is little information that server (HTTP) uses to run the website and sends to computer browsers. Seldom, it is stored in users’ computer hard disk.

A. Purpose of using cookies

It is used to provide users optimized information by understanding purpose, types, keywords, access security, news edit, user size of visited services and websites.

B. How to refuse installation of cookies

Users have the right to refuse cookie installation. By setting options on web browsers, users can allow all cookies, confirm cookie storing or refuse installation of all cookies. To refuse cookies setting, select “option” on users’ web browsers to allow all cookies, confirm cookie storing or refuse installation of all cookies.

Technical and managerial protection of personal data

When handling personal data of the users, the Company prepares the following technical and managerial measures to ensure safety of the personal data, including loss prevention, theft, leakage, falsification or damages.

A. Encryption of personal data

Registered personal data for email inquiries, recruitment inquiries and cyber inspection, telephone number (mobile phone number) is encrypted for storage and management, and is provided to the user only

B. Measures against hacking

The Company is committed to prevent the loss or damage of personal data from hacking and/or computer viruses. The Company back up personal data from time to time to prevent data loss, uses the latest anti-virus program to prevent the loss or damage of users’ personal data, encrypts data to safely communicate personal data on networks. The Company also uses a firewall to control unauthorized external access and is putting in all possible efforts to ensure the security with all technical systems.

C. Limitation and training of handling staff

Personal data handling staff are limited to specific appointed personnel and separate password is provided and is renewed regularly. Also, by providing training sessions, the Company emphasizes the observance of privacy policy.

D. Operation of exclusive personal data protection unit

Through operating in-house exclusive personal data protect unit, the Company is committed to modify and correct any problems by checking the implementation of privacy policy and the compliance of designated personnel. However, if personal data is leaked due to users’ own negligence or networking errors, the Company is not liable for any kind of losses.

The contact details of personal data manager and representative

You can report any complaint related to privacy protection occurred while using the Company services to a representative and/or appointed personnel. The Company will handle every complaint swiftly and thoroughly.

• Personal Information Manager : IT Team Manager
• Personal data operation representative : IT Team Manager
• Phone Number : 070.7609.4024
• Email address :

Please contact the following organizations to report or receive consultation of any other privacy infringement.

Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee

• Website :
• Tel : 02. 405. 5118

E-Privacy Mark Authentication Committee

• Website :
• Tel : 02. 580. 0533~4

Korean National Police Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center

• Website :
• Tel : 02. 3150. 2659


Please note that this ‘Privacy Policy’ does not apply to actions to collect personal information from websites that are lined to our website.

Notice obligation

This is achieved, in principle, without delay destroy personal information collected and use the personal information that purpose.

• Date of notice :October 27, 2014
• Date of enforcement :November 3, 2014