Since its foundation in 1993,
TOPEC ENGINEERING has never stopped evolving through relentless technical development and business innovation.
Following the legacy of experts who established the success of Korean construction, at TOPEC ENGINEERING,
we will diligently do our the very best to unlock innovation and embrace challenges based on trust, our core value.

    • 2020.07 CM Contract for the GBC Construction of Hyundai Motors
    • Excellence CM Award of National Defense Facilities HO 2019.03
    • 2018.06 TOPEC's 25th Anniversary of the Foundation
    • Won Presidential Award at ConsMa 2016. 2016.03
    • 2015.09 Established a branch in Dubai.
    • 2015.06 Opened the Gyeonggi Office.
    • Won Grand Prix in construction at Jeju Architectural Culture Festival. 2014.10
    • 2013.06 Celebrated the 20th anniversary of TOPEC ENGINEERING.
    • 2013.05 Won Grand Prix for International CM Day at ConsMa 2013.
    • Opened the Jeju Office. 2009.11
    • 2007.06 CM Contract for the Yongsan Relocation Plan
    • Established a branch in Shenyang, China. 2006.06
    • 2004.04 Registered for specialized maintenance management business (No. 2004-90).
    • 2004.03 Registered for service business for United States Forces Korea
    • Registered for real estate consulting and academic service business as well as real estate lease business. 2001.05
    • 1997.10 Registered as an architectural design firm and renamed as TOPEC ENGINEERING.
    • 1997.04 Registered for construction supervision business for power facility projects.
    • Registered for construction supervision business. 1995.12
    • Registered for fire safety facility design and supervision business. 1995.11
    • 1994.02 Registered for specialized construction supervision business.
    • Established TOPEC ENGINEERING. 1993.06