R&D Institute was established for purpose of providing the best service for clients's various requests and securing the best Construction Management technic out of CM industry.
For this, we're striving to research professional construction technique and construction management technique, and obtaining patent, utility model, new construction technique, and applying to our fields.
Also, we're getting employees updated, and accumulating various knowledge data arising out of numerous sites, for maximizing the clients's satisfaction.



R&D R&D Record: 17 Cases
  • Standardization of construction materials for enhanced productivity
  • Standardization of construction technology centered on performance
  • Development of expedient construction technology
  • Development of construction waste recycling technology
  • Development of technology for improved performance of the structure and facilities of aging public housing
  • Mega project construction management system
  • Development of technology for social integration community housing regeneration
  • Development of environmentally-friendly demolition technologjes and techniques reducing environmental impact
  • Design technology for preventing explosives of high-rise buildings and minimizing damage
  • Development of technology for construction of complex structural systems with a shortened construction period
  • Virtual construction system
  • Robotic crane-based high-rise building structure construction automation system
  • Development of active/passive-combined NDT technology for damage assessment of concrete structures
  • Developmentof intelligent backfill & compaction/ Transport system based on Telemax Program
  • High strength & multi purpose concrete development, and its utilization technology
  • Interiorspace BD modal & management technology(Interior U-GIS)
  • U-technology based ECO CITY planning, design & evaluation
Engineer training Preparation of comprehensive training plan
Engineer CPD training
Data accumulation management KMS management


  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)
New technologies
  • Acomposite waterproofing method using prefab coating/stiffener/asphalt waterproofing material and a double connection structure
  • Amethod for stainless pipe connection using prefab coupler joints
  • Amethod for fabricating and installing a cylindrical steel sump with an arch vertical rib on the internal bottom and a ringshaped horizontal shear key on the external side to resist subgrade reaction
  • Underpinning of a reinforced concrete foundation comprising arch steel plates and rods using a strut & tie model
  • Adouble skin window system with integrated intemal and external windows and cavities
  • Acast-in-place top base method with position bars penetrating through top bases
  • Awater-saving plumbing method using hot water circulation in individual heating with thermo valves
  • Ainsulation curing method for cold water concrete and mass concrete using PE film multiple air cap sheets
  • Amethod for PHC connection using steel connection blocks and high tension vertical bolts
  • 10-0497620

    Acutting apparatus of base pile for public housing

  • 10-0475234

    Anchor connector mount structure of ceiling for public housing

  • 10-0566643

    Installing structure of outer wall protector for protection of ground construction

  • 10-0650141

    Pillar apparatus of building

  • 10-0694176

    Indoor wall of building

  • 10-0646766

    Fence structure of public housing

  • 10-0638805

    Window structure for preventing danger of building

  • 10-0628528

    Holding plate assembly for ground protection of earth wall

  • 10-0674264

    A pile for reinforcing soft ground

  • 10-0680150

    Building decoration structure

  • 10-0672005

    Apparatus for painting external wall of building

  • 10-0728793

    Fixing hanger for ceiling panel

  • 10-1137651

    Apparatus and method for estimating solidification of asbestos

  • 10-1143089

    Warhead collecting equipment in shooting range

  • 10-1169892

    Eco-friendly waterproof agent

  • 10-1238124

    Rotary pile and its construction method

  • 10-1518232

    Installation of insulation panel complex of construction

  • 10-1518239

    Structure for assembling and installing insulation panel complex

  • 10-0707797

    Cutoff structure of noise transfer between households by pipe of speaker wire in an public housing

  • 10-0658696

    Fixing device of cable tray in public housing

  • 10-0934257

    Electric wire join for connector of public housing

  • 10-0934258

    Distributing box isolated lead in cable of public housing

  • 10-1066903

    Switch box breaking the earth leakage

  • 10-1066902

    Snow-tight type power supply box for preventing electrical shock in public housing